Burkhard Frauenlob | Wolfram Derschmidt | Klemens Marktl
The members of my current dream band. Check them out and come to our and their concerts all over the world!

Chamber Jazz + String Quartet
Whatever one wants to call this music – Martin Schaberl, a lyrical jazz musician who grew up in a classical music environment,  uses classical elements in his compositions; now also classical instrumentation. He is fulfilling a dream of many years – to work with a string quartet. He is devoting himself to the king of musical disciplines; the string quartet, and is writing and arrangingf the music himself. It is very important to him that the band-string quartet combo retains the transparency of chamber music and the clarity of the individual instruments.

Guitar Studio Graz
Martin’s private Guitar Studio in his home town. He thinks that “Music is part of being human. It constitutes a part of our life, it expresses emotions and is  a bridge of communication. Everybody needs it, but everybody also needs guidance towards it.” Follow on TWITTER.

Dino Saluzzi
Dino Saluzzi, the living bandoneon icon I had the honor to play with in March 2006, November 2008 and October 2010.

Jose Saluzzi
Dino’s son Jose is a wonderful guitarist with whom I will work on a program in the closer future. Promise!

Lee Konitz
Lee Konitz, the living saxophone icon I had the honor to play with in March 2006, November 2008 and October 2010.

Art Lande
Art Lande, piano magician and ECM artist I had the pleasure to perform with in San Francisco in June/July 2005.

Axel Mayer
The first “One” in my band project “Trio & One”. A fine trumpet and flugelhorn player from Graz, Austria, with whom I had played together in my first band ever not as a leader. If you want one of the best trumpet players in town he is the one to call! This was the reason why at least I called him to get him for my band!

Patrick Dunst
The second “One” in my band project “Trio & One”. A fantastic reeds player (saxophones, flute, clarinets and even oboe!) from Graz, Austria. He gives a great blend to the classical color I want to have in my expanded project “Trio & One + string quartet”, a chamber jazz project.

Martin Moro
An outstanding and one of the most important Folk and fingerstyle guitarists of Austria living in Graz. He is studio musician and producer with more than one souls in his chest. A great guy to hang with!

Martin Veszelovics
A fine accordionist based in Graz with whom Martin plays as a duo. An interesting project where we play tango and french musette tunes by Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano on the one hand and jazz standards on the other hand.

Adam Pieronczyk
Adam Pieronczyk, one of the best if not the best Polish saxophonist and a very dear friend and great cook!

Kid Beyond
Andrew Chaikin, singer, beatboxer, songwriter, live looper, one-man vocal band I had the pleasure to perform with in San Francisco in June/July 2005.

Grazyna Auguscik
Grazyna Auguscik, one of the finest Polish vocalists, living in Chicago, I had the pleasure to work and perform with in Cracow, Poland, in summer 2005.

Agata Pisko
Agata Pisko, a wonderful vocalist from Poland, living in Graz.

Wolfgang Muthspiel
There is nothing left to say.

Uli Rennert
Inspired keyboard wizard and inspiring teacher who opens a good many doors to one’s mind.

Ernst Pozar
Performing Artist und Repairman for tricky problems. Creates sitars out of guitars and with a heavy heart he rid one of Martin’s guitars off its frets.

Excellent place to get your electronics, effect boards, guitars etc. repaired and free of interferences. He is the one to contact in Graz, Austria. Every Cent worth it!

RedDog Cases
The place to go to in Graz and surrounding when in need of a perfect and durable flight case for anything.

Clubs, Festivals etc.

Porgy & Bess, Vienna, AT
Beyond all doubt Austria’s finest music temple.

Royal Garden Jazz Club, Graz, AT
The oldest jazz club with tradition in Graz.

ISJA, Kraków, PL
Jazz school and International Summer Jazz Academy in Cracow, Poland, where I have been teaching since 2002.

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