chamber jazz & string quartet

Martin Schaberl (AT) – frame & electric guitars, loops, composition, arrangement
Michael Ringer (AT) – bass
Mathias Ruppnig (AT) – drums, percussion
Patrick Dunst (AT) – saxophones, flutes, clarinets, oboe

Andreas Semlitsch (AT) – violin
Elisabeth Koval (AT) – violin
Katharina Vogt (AT) – viola
Sigrid Narowetz (AT) – cello

MARTIN SCHABERL chamber jazz + string quartet – Der neue Klang

Whatever one wants to call this music – Martin Schaberl, a lyrical jazz musician who grew up in a classical music environment,  uses classical elements in his compositions; now also classical instrumentation. He is fulfilling a dream of many years – to work with a string quartet. He is devoting himself to the king of musical disciplines; the string quartet, and is writing and arrangingf the music himself.
It is very important to him that the band-string quartet combo retains the transparency of chamber music and the clarity of the individual instruments.
His STRING QUARTET brings together internationally experienced musicians, who are accompanied by two jazz violinists, Andreas Semlitsch and Elisabeth Koval. The core of the project is the MARTIN SCHABERL TRIO & ONE, the answer to the question of why a band of four musicians does not automatically mean a quartet! The regular trio of guitar, bass and drums are complemented by a guest musician, the  „ONE“, who is periodically replaced after a certain (undetermined) time. Michael Ringer and Mathias Ruppnig comprise the heart of the rhythm section, in every sense of the word. The presemt  „One“ is Patrick Dunst.
„An  Austrian project with new instrumentation and a double quartet is waiting to be discovered from autumn 2012 !“
– Martin Schaberl, 5/12

Martin Schaberl (AT)

Studied/graduated from the University of Music and performing Arts in Graz, Austria, Department of jazz and Music Pedagogy.
Studied/collaborated with Karl Ratzer, Christian Rover, Guido Jeszenszky, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Harry Pepl, Wayne Brasel, John Abercrombie etc.
During his studies, collabrated with the New York Voices, Marc Johnson, Bob Mintzer, Jerry Bergonzi, Bobby Shew, Niels-Henning Orsted-Pedersen, Bill Dobbins etc.
Taught at internationalen workshops, invited to give workshops at the Webster University St. Louis, USA; at the Jazz Department of the Conservatory of Chicago, USA; São Paulo (Brazil); Fortaleza (Brazil); Cracow (Poland); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Kathmandu (Nepal).
Invited to a festival tour in California (USA) with André Bush, Ricardo Peixoto, Jon Evans and Alan Hall. Performances with world renowned musicians such as Dino Saluzzi, Lee Konitz, Art Lande, Mark Murphy, John Scofield’s rhythm section Adam Deitch and Jesse Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Fritz Pauer etc.
Performances in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, the USA, Brazil; International Jazz Festivals in Vienna, Wiesen, Warsaw, Cracow, Kragujevac, Maribor, Ljubljana, EXPO 2000 Hannover etc.

Michael Ringer (AT)

Studied at the Innsbruck Conservatory with Walter Rumor and Robert Riegler, then at the Graz University of Performing Arts with Wolfram Abt, Christian Berg, Wayne Darling. Graduated with BA (hons).
Lessons with Andy Maierl, Heiri Känzig, Barre Phillips, Engagements at the Graz Theater and the Graz Opera.
Bands/Projects: Ratamacue, ChillinConKarma, Balah, Momo, Vienna Jazz Composers, Playgrounds, aura:L Sculptures, Der Berg, Maria Christina, Moments, Klaus Fürstner Trio
Collaboration with Berndt Luef, Christoph Auer, Michael Erian, Ed Partyka, Karlheinz Miklin, Howard Curtis, Axel Mayer, Studio Percusssion Graz, Bob Brookmeyer, Renato Chicco, Andjelko Stupar, Jure Pukl, Raphael Meinhart, Phil Yaeger, Lukas König, Nika Zach, Aron Thier, Peter Taucher, Andreas Tausch, Manu Delago, Philipp Kopmajer, Barbara Paierl, Martin Reiter, Kurt Gersdorf, Bernhard Wimmer, Sasha Mutic, Christian Bakanic, Peter Kronreif.

Mathias Ruppnig (AT)

Born 1986 in Oberpullendorf; after classical training, studied Jazz at the University of Music and  Performing Arts, Graz. Has participated in diverse projects. His first CD as band leader was released on the 16 April 2012 on the Vienna  jazz label „session work records“.

Patrick Dunst (AT)

Studied Jazz Saxophone at the Universtity of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, with Karlheinz Miklin, Don Mensa and Gerald Preinfalk. Graduated June 2008 with an MA, and carried out further studies at the Universtity of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, with Wolfgang Puschnig. From 2004 studied classical Southern Indian Singing with Dr. K. S. Subramanian and Usha Narasimhan at the „Chennai Institute of World Music“, India.
Studied in Chennai in 2004. In September 2009 he graduated with an MA in Music Ethnology from the Goldsmith University of London. Concerts with: Mark Feldman, Dieter Glawischnig, Fred Anderson, John Marshal, Berndt Luef, Hamid Drake, Peter Herbert, Wolfgang Reisinger, Bill Holman, Jim McNeely, Pete Christlieb, Don Mensa, Peter Herbolzheimer and theYellowjackets.
Geboren 1980 in Bregenz, ab 1997 Unterricht auf der Violine, ab 1990 auch am Klavier, dazu frühes Ensemblespiel im Klaviertrio, Experimente mit weiteren Instrumenten eröffnen ihm bis heute einen immer breiteren Zugang zum Musizieren, intuitive Improvisationen führen bald zu ersten eigenen Kompositionen.

Andreas Semlitsch (AT)

Born 1980 in Bregenz, from 1987 violin lessons, from 1990 also piano lessons, including early ensemble playing in a piano trio. Experiments with other instruments broadened his horizons even further; his intuitive improvisations soon led to his first compositions.
Through various studies at the Vorarlberg Conservatory, from the year 2000, and the Graz University of Performing Arts, from 2004, he developed a broad range of musical knowledge and continually gained diverse practical experience – primarily as a violinist in the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, as well as in such projects as „mosaik plus strings“ with Ángela Tröndle and the Ensemble StringSyndicate, for whom he also composes.

Elisabeth Koval (AT)

Graduated in 1980 in Kobenz bei Knittelfeld, further studies in Graz at the Music University inmusic education and instrumental music pedagogy (violin and recorder). Studied jazz violin in Klagenfurt and gained experience in teaching and with various music groups.
Her musical experience is very diversified, ranging from Austrian folk music (The Styrian Quartet) to international indie pop (guest musician with Get Well Soon and Dear Reader) to her folk crossover band Crossfiddler.
She adds her extensive and comprehensive musical to the quartet.

Katharina Vogt (AT)

Studied viola at the Johann Josef Fux Conservatory in Graz with KarlVogt and Robert Rottensteiner. In the year 2000, Erasmus study in Paris and study at the Aulnay-Sous-Bois Conservatory, where she graduated with the Diplome Fin d’Etudes with honours. In 2004, private lessons with Johannes Flieder in Vienna. Member of various orchestras, e.g the Vienna Youth Orchestra, the Innviertler Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Academy Philharmonic and the String Syndicate.

In parallel, graduated in Environmental Science, currently researching a thesis at the Institute of Physics at the Karl-Franzens University, Graz. Scientific collaborator at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics at the Graz University of Performing Arts, specializing in sonification of data, e.g. in climate research.

Sigrid Narowetz (AT)

Born 1983 in Amstetten/Lower Austria. First lessons for viola and piano at the age of 10, then music school in Linz.
Studied IGP and Viola Performance under Andreas Pözlberger at the Anton Bruckner University Linz. Graduated February 2007 IGP BA (hons); since March 2007 studied „cello as orchestral instrument“ with Prof. Rudolf Leopold and Andrea Molnar at the Graz University of Performing Arts; graduated with a degree in Music Performance in March 2010; since then studying for MA in Music Performance; from autumn 2011 also studying for an MA in Chamber Music with her Piano Trio „Trio Libra“ under Prof.Chia Chou.
Collaboration with various orchestras, including the Bruckner Orchester Linz and Harmonices Mundi; member of the Graz Salon Orchestra; in December 2003 first prize with the  „Streich-Quart-Sext“ Ensemble in the „Podium“ competition; May 2007 solo debut with the Amstetten Symphony orchestra with the Haydn Cello Concerto in C major; November 2009 Soloist with the Anton Bruckner university chamber orchestra for Hadyn’s Cello concerto in D major;  masterclasses with Tamas Varga, Gerhard Mantel and the Eggner Trio; multiple orchestra appearances abroad including in China,Taiwan, Israel, Finland and France.




guitarist, composer, arranger, instructor
skype: martinschaberl
+43-650-266 66 65


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1st rehearsal as an octet

April 29, 2012